Direct Physio therapy (DPT)

Opimum DPT Direct Physical Therapy Petoskey Michigan


Direct care is a subtype of concierge medicine.  There is no insurance involved.  No pre-authorizations or authorizations, co-payments or deductibles, denied treatments or benefit limits for the patient to worry about.  Likewise, the health care provider does not have to employ a small army of staff to contend with the insurance company's' red tape or wrestle reimbursement from them.  This produces BETTER care at LOWER costs.

We believe that for basic health care--which a physiotherapist’s care certainly constitutes-- insurance hurts more than it helps.  Just as it does not make sense to have your car insurance cover gasoline and oil changes, so, too, do we think that physical therapy & rehabilitation can be made less expensive and better independent of a 3rd party.

Without the “sting” of co-payments and deductibles which make people hesitate to seek medical care (and use their insurance), people can come in as soon as needed instead of trying to “wait and see” or “tough it out”.  The problem can be addressed quickly and effectively before it has snowballed into something that requires far more care.

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Most people will save SIGNIFICANTLY by receiving care at our office. The vast majority of people have either silver or bronze metal-tiered health care plans with deductibles of about $4,000 and $5,800, respectively. With insurance-based physical therapy clinics billing $300-400 per visit and hospital-owned clinics billing $400-$1,500 ( yes, $1,500!) deductibles get met ALOT sooner than later! And with $40-75 co-payments and 20-50% co-insurance payments per visit the out-of-pocket maximums (at $7500+) soon follow. At insurance-based clinics you find all of this out with the first bill which you get 2 months after you’ve have started care. Not fun! Direct Physical Therapy simply makes sense!