Two Ways to Receive Care, With Complete Price Transparency

We believe in the free market and feel that complete price transparency is critical for individuals to make informed decisions that are in their best interest.  Below are Optimum DPT's straight forward and transparent fees.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Annual Membership

Retainer Rehabilitation.

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Adults 20-44


($100 per month)


Adults 45+


($150 per month)

Medicare beneficiaries need to read and review our Medicare beneficiary policy before electing to receive care.


Children 10-19

$240 - $1,200

$20 per month (with 1 adult member); $100/month alone or with certain surgical conditions that will require an adult rate due to the nature of their rehabilitation.

Individual Treatments or Care packages

For those who do not want to establish as a member of our practice.

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Initial Evaluation & Treatment:



Second Opinion Consultation:





Follow-Up Treatments:

Silver: $75

Addressing the one thing you need most.

GOLD: $150

Longer, more in-depth follow-up treatment.


Comprehensive care. 

Payment Plans Available!

Almost no one budgets for unexpected medical issues, and we understand that you may have a cash flow issue when paying for your health care.  We do not want that to be a barrier for you or your loved ones.  We are willing to work with you with and establish a zero interest payment plan so you can receive the care you need and get back to sleeping, working, playing --living-- the way you want!