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It starts with a conversation...

Come in, grab a water, coffee or coke, and relax.   We will discuss your problems & needs at length.  A detailed examination follows, assessing your condition, impairments and functional limitations.  Then we will plan the best course of care for you to get well, reach your goals and return to living the way you want to be.

Second opinion Services

You may have a great relationship with your current physical therapist, athletic trainer or other conservative care provider, but it may feel like you are "spinning your wheels" or not progressing the way you think you should be.  Or, perhaps, you have been told that conservative care has "failed" and that more medication or surgery is the next or only step-- but you hesitate to "drug up" or "go under the knife". 

If you, your physiotherapist (or other conservative care provider) or your physician think having a second opinion would be of value give our office a call to talk about a consultation. 

We will review your case, conduct an independent, comprehensive examination, and make treatment recommendations based off our evaluation.  We can then present your current provider with our recommendations to integrate into your ongoing care.  Typically, this is a one-time consultation; however, we can also offer a short trial of care (2-3 visits) before returning to your primary conservative care provider.

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Follow UP Treatments

Appointments for continued care at our practice or at home.

Simple or short follow-up appointments.  These are appointments for non-complex conditions, treatments that are relatively straight forward, or only require 1-2 specific interventions.  Alternatively, they are for individual with busy schedules who want “in & out” care. 

Complex or long follow-up appointments.  These appointments are for complex conditions, treatments that warrant more nuanced care, or require multiple interventions. 

Technology Consult.  Via telephone or video (Facetime, Skype, etc) conference where therapeutic education, exercises and activities can be verbally and/or visually demonstrated to help you address your condition and return to function.  No more downed trees, ice storms or blizzards disrupting your care!



Below are just some of the treatment interventions provided.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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Spinal & Extremity Manipulative Therapy

A very fast but gentle thrust to the body causing a stretch of the joint(s) and surrounding tissues (usually with popping or cracking sounds).  Manipulative therapy decreases pain, muscle tone and perceived stiffness as well as improving mobility.  As with any manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and activities are almost always prescribed afterwards to reinforce the manipulation, and, ultimately, foster and promote independence.

Dry Needling / Electro Dry Needling

Dry Needling (aka intramuscular manual therapy) promotes local, spinal cord, and brain responses which decreases pain and muscle tone, improves mobility and elicits the body’s healing processes.

At Optimum DPT we utilize single use, solid filiform needles for patient safety and comfort.  Most patients report needle insertion is pain-free or feels no worse than a mosquito bite.  The needles are then gentle rotated/spun until tissue tension is felt or a mild aching sensation is reported (usually noted at the same time).  Typically, gentle electrical stimulation is incorporated in conjunction the needling to enhance the treatment effect. 

On average treatments take 20-30 minutes and are followed by therapeutic exercise or activity to complement, reinforce and magnify the treatment effect.



Blood FLow Restriction Rehabilitation

Therapeutic exercise & activity are the backbone of physiotherapy, promoting increased strength, endurance and tissue tolerance that allow patients to recover their independence.

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) rehabilitation is a cutting-edge therapy that acts as a force multiplier for the traditional therapeutic exercises and activities commonly prescribed in physical therapy practice.

BFR creates a deoxygenated & metabolic environment in the body.  When combined with low-load exercise BFR generates very rapid increases in cardiovascular function, muscle growth, strength gain, tissue regeneration & bone healing.

Treatment effects typically seen after 12-16 weeks of traditional strengthening exercises can be observed in as soon as 2 weeks with BFR.


Pain Science and Persistent Pain Treatment

"What's damaged or broken inside of me? What's wrong with me? Why do I hurt?"

All common questions for those in pain.  Pain, especially persistent pain, is more complex than you could imagine, but research has proven knowledge is power!  Therapeutic education has been shown to greatly decrease pain as well as the fear and suffering aspects of the pain experience.

Properly prescribed therapeutic exercises and activities are the other element of best care for persistent pain. Ranging from gentle breathing techniques and guided motion imagery to graded exposure exercises that challenge and reform one's expectations, correctly dosed these activities can decreased pain and lessen its grip on your life.

Vertigo / Dizziness / Balance Therapy

This care involves careful evaluation & treatment for balance issues which may arise from benign positional proximal vertigo (BPPV), vestibular nerve hypofunction, concussions, central causes, and many other conditions.

While almost all conditions can benefit from care, dizziness from BPPV responds the most readily and can often be fully resolved after 1-2 treatments.



Cupping / Vacuum Therapy

A specific instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique that lifts (instead of compress) the skin and underlying tissues.  Perfect for scars and adhesions.  Initially the vacuum is light and gently slid over the treatment area.  Often this is enough for the treatment benefits to be produced.  However, the vacuum can be increased and positioned statically for several minutes over a treatment area-- this variety was popularized by the most recent summer Olympics.  Furthermore, therapeutic exercises and activities can be performed with the vacuums on for dynamic stretching of the soft tissues and stimulation of the nervous system.