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Tayler W.

Persistent Headaches

Persistent Neck Pain

I have had chronic headaches and neck pain for the past 4 years, and was continuously having to go to the chiropractor for adjustments. I would stress out about hurting, and that would just cause the aches and pain to come more often!  I am very thankful that I decided to go a different route with my treatment options and pursue osteopractic physiotherapy.  Since I met my physical therapist at Optimum DPT I have had great results, and am not worried about getting head and neck aches anymore.  My physical therapist has given me such relief and great advice for treating myself at home.  When I feel little aches start, I just do the prescribed home exercises… I haven’t had to come see him in a month!  My headache and neck pain are under control, and I have no complaints!  Thank You to all the staff at Optimum DPT, I couldn’t be happier!

Andrea L.

Persistent / Chronic Shoulder Pain

A while back I’d made a promise to myself that if I were to find my way back to health again, that I would thank all of those who were able to help me find my way.  Though I still have a little road ahead of me, you are the first I sincerely wanted to say thank you to! With your help I am finally able to honestly say that I can find joy in living again, which was something I was beginning to believe wasn’t possible.  I truly thank you for sharing your knowledge & encouragement, and for pushing me even if I didn’t want to.  I am forever grateful! 

Liz K.

Cervical Disc Herniation

Cervical Radiculopathy

Two years ago I woke up with pain behind my right shoulder.  I thought I had just slept on it funny or had pulled a muscle doing something the day before.  Unfortunately, over the next 48 hours my pain got worse.  I developed numbness in my arm as well as significant weakness.  I made an appointment with my primary care doctor who ordered an MRI which confirmed my worst fears—I had 3 herniated discs in my neck.  My doctor started me on steroid therapy and recommended physical therapy.  As my symptoms got worse and my weakness increased I talked to some physicians I worked with as well as a chiropractor I had seen—they recommended that I consult a neurosurgeon.  This was pretty frightening for me because I wasn’t really interested in neurosurgery, but I was worried that this could be a career ending injury.  I wanted to try physical therapy and avoid surgery, but didn’t know what kind of treatment I needed.

I made an appointment at Optimum DPT, and at my first treatment I knew I made the right choice.  My physical therapist spent a lot of time evaluating my condition and then reassured me that this was something that I could recover from.  He then did some gentle mobilizations and a little bit of other hands-on work.  I was really surprised at how much this helped on the very first visit!  The other thing my physical therapist did was some dry needling.  I was unfamiliar with dry needing-- I had tried acupuncture a couple of times without it relieving any of my symptoms-- but I was surprised that this different technique was able to resolve a significant amount of the radiating pain going down my arm as well as a lot of the numbness and tingling. 

Two months later I was symptom free.  Osteopractic physical therapy treated my pain and my weakness.  It allowed me to avoid surgery, get on with my life and get back to doing the things that I love.  Thank you Dr. Gaunt & staff at Optimum DPT!

Clint C.

Neck & Back Pain

IT Band Syndrome


The quality of service that I have received from Dr. Gaunt is second to none. He has worked on my back, neck and knee, all of which feel much better after his treatments. He is personable, professional, very well educated in the field of physiotherapy and most importantly, provides a service that works. If you're looking for a physical therapist who provides the highest quality at half the price, look no further than Optimum DPT. We are fortunate to have Dr. Gaunt in Emmet County!

Robbie M.

Muscle Strain

One of the most intelligent yet relatable doctors I've ever worked with. He offered me options along with the information I needed to feel like I was responsible for my own treatment. I would highly recommend starting with him for whatever health issue you're dealing with, as he also has the integrity to get you connected to treatment that's right for you, even if it's not with him.

Holly A.

Elbow Pain

Extremely helpful and so great at what he does. By the time I left my appointment, not only was I fully armed with helpful exercises to heal my injury, I understood much more about what my body was doing and why, in regards to the pain I was experiencing. This is the place to go if you desire a highly educated approach as well as a gentle one. 10/10 would recommend!

Thelma H.

Migraine Headache

Optimum DPT has changed my life. Lifelong migraine sufferer, who has tried everything from injections to chiropractic. Dr. Matthew Gaunt has not only done physical manipulation to relieve my pain, but has taught me valuable exercises to do on my own. Highly recommend Dr. Gaunt if you suffer from any pain! Thank you!!!

Lindsey O.

Headache & Back Pain

Matt is great. I went to see him for recurring headaches and neck/shoulder pain. He gave me some exercises and manually worked on my neck - and I haven't had a headache in over a month. I'll be seeing him next for my lower back!


Bri C.

Low Back Pain

Matt is an excellent physical therapist! He is knowledgeable about the most up to date research in physical therapy AND is great at explaining it to patients. You can tell he takes the time to give his patients the best care possible. I went to him after a back injury and after a thorough eval, he has used some spinal manipulations, dry needling, and walked me through some stretches and exercises to work on at home during the week. I'm so thankful we have this in the area!

Cyndi W.

Neck & Knee Pain

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Gaunt. He has always been extremely helpful to me with a variety of my issues. I have knee and neck problems. It is rare I have found one as knowledgeable, accommodating, and concerned as Dr. Gaunt. Most importantly, Dr. Gaunt PT treatments and recommendations have cured many of my physical problems. My health is very clearly improved, and I can get around better than before. Seriously, he is the first doctor that ever made me consider to go out of my HAP plan. If you are looking for a PT specialists, Dr. Gaunt is the one. SIX STARS

Jan C.

Post-Surgical Hip Pain

After a long recovery from hip surgery for a shredded labrum and an extended period of physical therapy and continued pain, I met Dr. Matthew Gaunt and he suggested dry needling. I was totally unfamiliar with this procedure and Dr. Gaunt explained the technique, the origin, differences between this and acupuncture, as well as some of the recent research to support the use of dry needling as an adjunct to manage pain. He is calming, well informed and has excellent bedside manners. AND, it worked!!

Robert N.

Knee Arthritis

Total Knee Arthroplasty

“You got this old German’s new knee working better than I ever though it would… and a lot better than my cousin’s new knee too so I can gloat during the family gatherings.”

Geraldine H.

Vertigo (BPPV)

“I was dizzy for a month and nothing helped—all the dizziness vanished after the first treatment.”

Damon W.


Who does a Physical Therapist see when they have back pain? Why a Fantastic Osteopractic PT, that's who! Matt at Optimum DPT is an outstanding therapist, a very good listener and develops an individual plan to help best treat the patient in front of him. His flexible model and schedule allow for more time to get to know the individual. I would highly recommend him for P.T.!

Carrie F.

Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

I had the worst foot pain for months.  Every morning I dreaded getting out of bed and feeling like I had a piece of glass in my heel.  I was pretty sure I had plantar fasciitis and I googled some stretches for it, but they didn’t work.  A friend recommended I go to Optimum DPT for physical therapy.  I’d been to PT before and didn’t think it would help and hesitated-- now I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did!  I saw Dr. Gaunt who took time to get to know me, listen to me and examine my foot and leg.  He worked on my ankle, did dry needling on my foot and calf and gave me nerve exercises to do at home.  After 4 treatments I’m feeling almost 100% better! I can’t recommend Optimum DPT and Dr. Gaunt enough!

Andrew B.

Jaw Pain / "TMJ"

I couldn’t open my mouth without my jaw hurting.  Chewing anything but soft food was out of the question. Even brushing my teeth and talking was becoming painful.  My dentist diagnosed me with TMJ and gave me a bite splint, which seemed to help.  He also recommended I see a physical therapist.  I went to Optimum DPT after calling around and talking to Elizabeth.  I’m so glad that I did.  They were great, kind, and got me in quick.  Dr. Matthew worked on my face muscles, my neck and my jaw and after a few treatments I could open and close my mouth without any stabbing pain.  I’ve started eating normal food again and no longer dread yawning!  If you’ve got TMJ go see them!


Dane R.

Leg Pain

Muscle Atrophy

I have never had to undergo physical therapy treatment until this past September when I injured my leg. My right calf had atrophied and lost 50% of it's functional strength.  I couldn't run, jump, or even walk without a painful sensation reminding me of my injury.

After my initial evaluation with Matthew, I was astonished at the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience he had. The diagnostic portion of my appointment was beyond comprehensive and thorough. Matthew screened me for neuromuscular compromise, muscular traumatic injury,
bilateral strength and sensitivity, and much more. I had no problem putting my trust in this man!

Modern and advancing modalities along with common yet essential exercises were both incorporated into my therapy program to achieve the best results. I am now pain free and symptom free of weakness, immobility, etc. and am encouraged to spread the word of the effectiveness of Matthew's
Optimum DPT!

Matthew is a kind and compassionate yet professional and competent provider and I highly recommend his treatment plans to anyone considering or seeking therapy.

Dave F.

Acute Neck Pain

After injuring my neck I was referred to Matthew. The pain was so bad I could not turn my head more than a few degrees. After 3 treatments I regained my range of motion and the pain disappeared. It was such a relief to be back to normal again. Matthew was caring, knowledgeable, professional, and accommodating. I was very impressed with how well he explained concepts in easy to understand ways. After my last visit, he called to check in with me and even sent me an exercise program to strengthen my neck. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a physical therapist.

Larry H.

TMJ / Jaw Pain

Poor Balance

My experience at Optimum DPT has and continues to be outstanding! I found Dr. Gaunt and Elizabeth to be very competent and compassionate. My (Jaw Pain)  is gone, I'm far more confident in my balance and less fearful of falling, and I think their membership is simply amazing. I highly recommend Optimum DPT!