Optimum DPT: Blog #1

Hello there! 

Thank you for exploring Optimum DPT!  You have made it to my practice’s blog.  Here, I will be sharing Optimum DPT practice updates, physical therapy and health care musings, interesting cases and the latest research that I think will interest and inform the public about physiotherapy and osteopractic physical therapy.

First, you should know that hanging a shingle for an orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy practice has been a dream a loooong time coming.  Northern Michigan is a very special place to me-- my family has been vacationing on Douglas Lake for over a hundred years. It is an honor and a privilege to establish Optimum DPT - Osteopractic Physical Therapy Specialists of Michigan and serve Northern Michigan, especially the Petoskey and Bay Harbor communities!

I am looking forward to helping ease your simple aches and scariest of pains... to eliminating your dizziness & nauseating vertigo... and to restoring your mobility, strength and independence so that you can get back to the sunset walks, forest hikes, fishing, boating, golfing, playing with the kids or whatever your summer time pleasures might be.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the Optimum DPT practice, or if you are wondering if I may be able to help you in any way!  I can be reached just about any time at 231-881-9770

Until next time,

Matthew Gaunt, DPT, ATC, Dip. Osteopractic, FAAOMPT